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Instrumentation Cables

Application:- These Cables are designed to carry communication and control signal in a variety of installation types including those found in the petrochemical industry. The signals can be of analogue data or voice type and from a variety of transducers such as pressure, proximity or microphone. Collectively and individually screened pairs are available within the range where further signal security is required.

The instrumentation cable offers total interference free data transfer in measuring, process-control & security systems. Instrumentation process in any industry is a very important factor for controlling various parameters during process. Microprocessor based control devices demand very low noise level and attenuation of signals in the cable. This calls for careful designing and manufacturing of cables with stringent quality control.

Description:- Unique make Signal Cables, Annealed Bare/Tinned copper conductor, PVC insulated and sheathed, shielded with Aluminum backed mylar taped with Annealed tinned copper conductor drain wire in continuous contact with aluminum side of tape, Instrumentation Armoured/Unarmoured Cable conforming to BS:5308/ll/1986&IS:1554/Part-l/1988.

Available Range: 0.2 sq.mm to 2.5 sq.mm in cores, pairs, Triads & quads.

Individually Aluminum Mylar Shielded Armoured Instrumentation Cable

The Individually Aluminum Mylar Shielded Armored Instrumentation Cable is suited for preventing the sorting of adjacent shield and minimizes the cross talk and ground loops. A tinned copper drain wire is installed to provide continuous contact with the shield and allows for connection to ground. Tinning the drain wire reduces galvanic corrosion between drain and shield.

Individually Aluminum Mylar Shielded Unarmoured Instrumentation Cable

We are offering the finest range of Individually Aluminum Mylar Shielded Unarmored Instrumentation Cable that is extensively installed in computer networking and telephone industry. These cables are flame retardant, heat resistant and emit low smoke in case of fire. This has superior insulation and conductor, which enhances the performance of this cable. It is demanded in various industries, such as aerospace, computer networking, farming industries and telephonic industries.

Overall Aluminum Mylar Shielded Unarmoured Instrumentation Cable

We are offering quality tested range of Overall Aluminum Mylar Shielded Unarmored Instrumentation Cable that is known for its electrical properties and disturbance free operation. In this, the conductor is constructed from bare, annealed copper and insulation of polyvinyl chloride. These are flame retardant and have shielding of aluminum foil and polyester shield, which is helically wrapped to provide complete coverage with a tinned copper drain wire. This is two gauge sizes smaller than the circuit conductor.

Overall Aluminum Mylar Shielded Armoured Instrumentation Cable

We are engaged in offering supreme quality Overall Aluminum Mylar Shielded Armored Instrumentation Cable, which is preferred for use in instrumentation computer and control application where signals are transmitted in excess of 100 mille volts except in areas where high voltage and current sources create excessive noise interference. If required, overall shielding may be of annealed tinned copper braiding/ poly aluminum drain wire. Braiding ATC shield has high tensile strength and provides better coverage in flexing applications. These cables are easier to terminate. This provides effective shielding; cross talk and noise are kept to an absolute minimum.